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The Restorative Cities Initiative is a community organizing model for Philadelphia Neighborhoods and their Neighbors (i.e., residents, workers, and visitors). Through training, coaching, and community organizing, MCCP encourages our formal and informal neighbors to collaboratively organize whole communities (neighborhoods, business, and institutions) in the implementation of Restorative Practices using specific best practice strategies scientifically shown to build empathy, collaboration, and social capital to achieve and sustain a Just community environment (Restorative Justice).


Nation-wide cities are implementing restorative practice strategies that promote public safety, community and family problem solving, truth, accountability, and healing. These explicit strategies build a framework to ensure peace, justice, and well-being for all.  MCCP courses introduce the history, theory, and craft of restorative practices

#101 Introduction to Restorative Cities Initiative™

#102 Introduction to Restorative Circles

#103 Trauma Responsive Communities

#104 Advocacy and Community Empowerment (Virtual)

#105 Anti-oppression Training

#201 Conducting Restorative Mediation Circles

#202 Conducting Restorative Community Circles

#203 Introduction to Community Organizing (Virtual)

#301 Developing a Restorative Cities Hub (Virtual)


To catalyze a movement that assists Philadelphia to become a Restorative City from Porch to City Hall through grass-roots community organizing


To ensure that everyone of every age has access to a Restorative Response HUB within 1 square mile of their residence, volunteer, business, or workplace 


  • To train and coach restorative practitioners as circle facilitators, and trainers

  • To advocate for public policies in formal & informal systems that support restorative communities

  • To partner with formal and informal systems related to health care, public safety, education, criminal justice, economic justice, environmental justice, recreation

  • To train, deploy, and sustain Restorative Cities Organizers within 1 Square Mile of every resident


  • Self Determination

  • Restoration

  • Integrity

  • Respect 

  • Relationship

  • Empathy

  • Inclusion

  • Fair Process

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