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About Us

We believe in community engagement and enrichment!

The Metropolitan Christian Council of Philadelphia (MCCP) is a non-profit organization that was established to confront and involve faith organizations in connecting with communities at the points of greatest need and to develop programs of action.

Since our inception in 1925, MCCP has been a visible and impactful expression of the Christian Community in Philadelphia. We engage with the community through a variety of services and programs and we focus on empowering communities.  We engage believers, in all our diversity, for worship, witness and service. We seek the transformation of human life, neighborhood by neighborhood, consistent with the love of God.

MCCP is currently offering Restorative Cities Initiative™ training opportunities through hubs located throughout the city. The Reverend Donna L. Jones is Executive Director for the organization and the Reverend Dr. Calenthia Dowdy leads the Board of Directors.

Our office is located at 260 S. 51st Street, Phila., PA 19139 on the campus of the Church of the Holy Apostles & The Mediator.

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